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Commercial Renovations

Project: Tropical Smoothie Cafe
Location: Dearborn, MI

Description: Brand new Tropical Smoothie Cafe located inside the plaza at 5858 Schaefar Road in Dearborn.

Project: Detroit Kid City
Location: Dearborn, MI

Description: Converted a vacant space into a franchised childrens play area (DKC)

Project: Ready Player One
Location: Detroit, MI

Description: Converted the lower level of a 6-story building in the heart of downtown Detroit into a barcode- restaurant, bar, and arcade.

Project: Sunshine Oil Office Building
Location: Dearborn, MI

Description: Fully renovated office space, including multiple offices, lobby, conference room, and kitchen. 

Project: Gas Station Renovation
Location: Ottawa Lake, MI

Description: We replaced two seperate cashier counters into one centrally-located one. We completely redesigned the coffee counter area. 

Project: Sub Shop (inside of a gas station)
Location: Pontiac, MI

Description: We converted an office into an eventual sandwich shop. 

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